Valentine's Day Special 2023

Valentine's Day Special 2023
Submitted by: viperdude90 on Apr 8, 2023 Created on:


  • Korbel California Champagne Sweet Rosé
  • Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila
  • faygo fireworks soda pop
  • 99 Proof Blackberry shooter
  • Kinky Pink shooter
  • Menthol Mint shooter
  • rum shooter
  • vodka shooter
  • peach shooter
  • kinky aloha
  • hot jerky stick


  1. Pour the Korbel Champagne into your couldron, tilt it just like you’re pouring a beer
  2. A splash of Faygo firework.
  3. Pour a splash of each shooter.
  4. Some of these shooters are creamy so they might curdle a litte bit.
  5. Splash of tequila
  6. Add hot jerky stick as a condiment like they do with Bloody Marys.

For of age(21 years old) and up fans only.