Sardine and Spam Noodles

Sardine and Spam Noodles
Submitted by: viperdude90 on Jan 16, 2024 Created on:

Sick of your trolls telling you you’re an uncultured swine? A dilettante that doesn’t appreciated the more refined things in life? Well this exotic dish will put those trolles in their place and put dinner on the table!

Featuring sardines(a diary), ramen noodles, spam, and a ton of bacon and grease, this multinational dish will solve racism for good!

This is a long one with a lot of ingredients, so set yourself with a drink combo(add link) and hunker down.


  • Top ramen chicken noodles
  • Red hot buffalo ranch
  • Pork king bacon seasoning
  • Glass kicking seasoning
  • 2 cups olive oil
  • Bacon grease in a tub
  • Country Crock spread
  • 2 Fresh bottles of water
  • Spam
  • Summer sausages
  • Bacon bits
  • Sardines
  • Sharp cheddar cheese
  • Velveta cheese sauce


  1. Add two packets of ramen noodles chicken soup into a bowl and add the packets
  2. Add the odd mixture of seasoning mentioned in the ingredients, and two cups of extra virgin (hehe) olive oil to bowl
  3. Some genius put bacon grease in a Country Crock like tub! Add like 3 scoops of that shit.r you got.
  4. If you live in an area with untreated and lead-ridden water like Casper, Wyoming, pour two bottles of fresh water into the mixture, else whateve
  5. Add 3 scoops or more of Country Crock spread to bring on the diabeetus
  6. Microwave your slop in the microwave for 12 minutes so it completely rubberizes.
  7. Now this is where it gets good, YouTube! Add some of that country crock spread to a pan on medium heat.
  8. Cut up some spam in a bowl and add it to the pan.
  9. Get that sum of bitch cooking!
  10. Use a spoon to stir the contents of the bowl in the microwave, make sure they’re all dent yay
  11. Boil the spam alive in the greasy pan until they’re scorched
  12. Prepare the summer sausauges.
  13. Drain the broth from the bowl, make sure you angle it at such a way that the contents run down the side of the bowl and go on the rim of the si
  14. Add Kraft sweet barbeque sauce.
  15. Add Frank’s red hot buffalo wing sauce. Maybe a little bit more.
  16. Add Chick fila sauce
  17. Add Mustard
  18. Scoop of grease and butter on top of your abomination for good measure.
  19. Stir it all around and add some real chocolate bacon bits(put the whole god damn bag in there)
  20. Clumsily manuever your camera and go “son of a bitch!”
  21. Cut sausages and add them to the bowl, use a fork so you don’t cut your regarded fingers
  22. Add irradiated spam
  23. Stir and add the optional sardines
  24. Crush up some ritz crackers to add some crust on top
  25. Add Velveeta cheese sauce and scoop it into the middle
  26. For garnish, add sharp cheddar cheese
  27. Microwave for 1:30, watching it like a hawk until it has a perfect sheen of cheese on top, scooping anything off the side of the bowl back in.
  28. Enjoy!