No Milk Or Butter Mac and Cheese

No Milk Or Butter Mac and Cheese
Submitted by: viperdude90 on Apr 8, 2023 Created on:


  • Macaroni
  • Ranch
  • Cheese powder


  1. Turn stove on to 4 on an electric stove, might be less for a gas stove.
  2. Pour noodles in water that isn’t quite boiling.
  3. Do the dishes while the noodles cook ~5 minutes
  4. Add a liberal amount of ranch to the pot. Take a fork and stir the ranch around. The ranch will give it a nice creamy taste.
  5. Add cheese powder to noodles and stir.
  6. Say “Oh yeah, mix that mac and cheese, oh yeah” while stirring.
  7. Once the ranch boils away, it congeles with the cheese, creating a nice serving of Mac and Cheese